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COBRE Nebraska Center for Nanomedicine 

Tatiana K. Bronich, Ph.D.

Parke-Davis Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Co-Director, Center for Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine
Director, COBRE Nebraska Center for Nanomedicine
University of Nebraska Medical Center

 Overview: This COBRE has been funded to create the Nebraska Center for Nanomedicine (NCN), a Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE). Nanomedicine is a rapidly developing area of biomedical research that uses devices of nanoscale size to address urgent needs for improved drug and gene delivery. Such "next generation" therapies can specifically deliver drugs and recombinant DNAs to focal areas of disease or to tumors to maximize clinical benefit while limiting untoward side effects. Such nanotechnologies are expected to drastically improve early diagnosis through bioimaging techniques. This parallels the road map for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) where nanomedicine was identified as a development initiative for the next decade. In keeping with these ideas, the Center will serve to join already strong areas of biomedical and material science research into an even stronger unit. Such goals can now be realized with the established expertise in biomedical sciences (neuroscience, pathology, immunology, pharmacology, immunization and cancer biology) and those in the material sciences (nanomaterials, polymers, drug delivery, and gene delivery) within the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC).

Mission: The primary goal of this COBRE is to provide a foundation for synergistic research activities and translating the efforts into clinical benefit for diseases with limited treatment options while simultaneously developing a potentially "visionary" area of science where the State of Nebraska can emerge as a world-leader.

The COBRE Nebraska Center for Nanomedicine is supported by the National Institute of General Medical Science (NIGMS) grants 4P20GM103480-10 and 1P30 GM127200-01. 

COBRE Projects

Project 11

"Multifunctional nanfiber skin graft for extensive skin replacement therapy"

Project Leader: Dr. Jingwei Xie

Project 12

“Nanoparticle formulations for Orlistat delivey to enhance efficacy of treatment of prostate cancer”

Project Leader: Dr. Aaron Mohs

Project 13

"Stable SERS-based multiplex nanosensors for early detection of cancer biomarkers"

Project Leader: Dr. Alexey Krasnoslobodtsev

Project 14

"Synthesis of Novel Self-Assembling Materials with Antibacterial Properties"

Project Leader: Dr. Martin Conda Sheridan

Project 15 

"Targeting of a radio-sensitizer to prostate cancer"

Project Leader: Dr. Rebecca Deegan

COBRE Core Facilities

Core One

Nanomaterials Characterization Core Facility

Core Director: Dr. Tatiana Bronich

Research Manager: Dr. Svetlana Romanova

Core Two

Bioimaging Core Facilty

Core Director: Dr. Yutong Liu

COBRE Pilot Projects 

Pilot Project 1


UNL Pilot Grant

Project Leader: Dr. Forrest Kievit

Pilot Project 2

Nebraska Center for Nanomedicine - Zhang Pilot

 Project Leader: Dr. Chi Zhang

Pilot Project 3

"Combined CXCR4 and microRNA inhibition to treat cholangiocarcinoma"

Project Leader: Dr. Justin Mott

Pilot Project 4

To be announced

Project Leader:

Pilot Project 5

To be announced

Project Leader:

COBRE Alumni

Seed Project: “Therapeutic modulation of Erb B2-endocytosis pathways for targeted drug delivery”
Project Leader: Srikumar Raja

Seed Project: “Novel Click PEG-Dexamethasone Conjugate for the Treatment of Lupus Nephritis”
Project Co-Leaders: Karen Gould and Xinming Liu

Project: “Nanoformulations of Redox Enzymes for Treatment of Ischemic Stroke”
Project Leader: Elena Batrakova

Seed Project: “Macromolecular Therapy for Improved Treatment of Lupus Nephritis”
Project Co-Leaders: Karen Gould and Dong Wang

Seed Project: "Molecular Basis for Copolymer Nanoparticles-Caveolae Interactions to Design Generic Anticancer Delivery System"
Project Leader: Sorin Luca

Seed Project: “Macromolecular Prodrug Development for the Treatment of Lupus Nephritis”
Project Co-Leaders: Dong Wang and Karen Gould

Seed Project: “Effect of Nanozymes in Modulating AT-Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in Obesity”
Project Leader: Saraswathi Viswanathan

Seed Project: “Free Radicals in Medicine Pilot”
Project Leader: Srikumar Raja

Seed Project: “Free Radicals in Medicine Pilot”
Project Leader: Dee Harrison-Findik

Seed Project: “Application of Pluronic Block Copolymers to Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma”
Project Leader: Edward Faber, Jr.

Project: "Neuroprotective Regulatory T Cells as Vehicles for Nanoformulated Growth Factor Delivery to an Injured Brain"
Project Leader: Dr. Matthew Kelso 

Seed Project: “Local Sustained Co-delivery of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 and Parathyroid Hormone-related Peptide for Prevention of Surgical Site Infection”
Project Leader: Jingwei Xie

Project: "Development of Metabolically Active Linkers (MALs) to Improve Diagnostic and Radiotherapeutic HPMA Copolymers"
Project Leader: Dr. Jered Garrison
Mentor: Dr. Surinder Batra

Project: “MUC4-based Vaccine for Pancreatic Cancer”
Project Leader: Dr. Maneesh Jain
Mentor: Dr. Joyce Solheim

Project: “Renal Nanovaccine Vaccine for Pancreatic Cancer”
Project Leader: Dr. Karen Gould
Mentor: Dr. Tatiana Bronich

Project: “The Role of Nanoformulated Cu/ZnSOD in Reducing Systemic Hypertension in Obesity”
Project Leader: Dr. Saraswathi Viswanathan
Mentor: Dr. Irving Zucker

COBRE External Advisory Committee

Alexander Kabanov

Mescal Swain Ferguson Distinguished Professor
Division of Molecular Therapeutics, UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Director, Center for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery
Co-Director, Carolina Institute for Nanomedicine
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Justin Hanes

Lewis J. Ort Professor of Ophthalmology
Director, The Center for Nanomedicine
Johns Hopkins University

Jindrich (Henry) Kopecek

Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Distinguished Professor of Bioengineering
University of Utah

Vladimir P. Torchilin

Distinguished Professor
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy
Director, Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Nanomedicine, Northeastern University

Karen L Wooley

W. T. Doherty-Welch Professor
Department of Chemistry
Texas A&M University

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