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COBRE Nebraska Center for Nanomedicine

The COBRE Nebraska Center for Nanomedicine is supported by the
National Institute of General Medical Science (NIGMS) grant 2P20 GM103480-07.

  Click Here for a PDF of the RFA

Request for Application
COBRE: Nebraska Center for Nanomedicine (NCN)
Imaging Related Pilot Project

Key Dates

Release Date: June 12, 2015
Submission deadline: July 15, 2015
Peer Review Date(s): August 30, 2015
Start Date(s): October 01, 2015


The Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) Nebraska Center for Nanomedicine (NCN) invites full-time UNMC faculty to submit an application for the development of nanoformulated medications with the support of NCN core imaging and image processing technologies.

1.   Research Objectives

It is recognized that adding non-invasive imaging studies to characterize biodistribution and efficacy is difficult and expensive. This Request for Applications is designed to remove the steep initial barrier to investigating the ability of imaging methods to enhance studies developing nanoformulated drugs. This funding is available to support costs of imaging and image processing among current and potential future NCN CoBRE investigators and their collaborators.

One of our major goals is to support projects where it is judged likely that the investigators will generate a peer-reviewed manuscript and submit meritorious proposals to external agencies within 6 months after the completion of the NCN pilot project. Another goal is to promote appropriate application and use of NCN core technology, especially the UNMC Bioimaging Core Facility.

2. Funds Available

Awards will be made for 1 year with funded amounts up to $10,000 per project.

The budget will cover time charges for instrument use. MRI scan costs are $160/hr and SPECT/CT time charges are $100/hr. Time charges includes the cost of a trained technologist for animal handling and scanning as well as aid and training for data processing and interpretation. The funds are to be used to offset the high cost of imaging services, allowing meritorious use of these facilities at no cost to the investigator.

 3. Eligible Individuals

 •     All full time faculty at UNMC are eligible. The project must clearly include the development of nanoformulated medications.

 •     Early-stage investigators are strongly encouraged to apply.  

 •     Individuals with transient commitments to or from their institutions will not be eligible.  Thus, post- doctoral fellows and visiting professors and investigators with no more than adjunct appointments are not eligible.

 •     It is our intention to fund those projects most likely to result in meritorious applications being submitted to external funding agencies such as the NIH.  

 •     We will accept applications seeking support for projects that already have seed grant support from other sources.  However, such applications must make it unambiguously clear how NCN funds will add to the likelihood of a meritorious proposal being submitted.

 •     We ask that applicants verify that all regulatory affairs requirements are being satisfied and, if applicable, provide IACUC protocol numbers. If such protocols have not yet been approved, the investigators will be obligated to provide evidence of protocol approval (protocol number and approved application) before funding can commence.

 •     We require a final progress report sent to the NCN no later than 30 days after the end of pilot grant support.  The reports will contain a summary of progress and scholarly activities such as presentations and publications. These annual/final reports will be reviewed by the NCN internal advisory committee and then the reports will be included as part of our annual progress report to the NIH.

4. Content and Form of Application Submission

 •     Format: Three to five page description of the proposed project, following the NIH format guidelines (specific aims, research strategy, narrative, abstract, etc.).

 •     The proposal should include clear plans outlining the contents of the manuscript to be submitted upon completion of the project as well as plans for future funding requests.

5. Submission Dates and Times

 All applications must be submitted via email to Christine Allmon, callmon@unmc.edu, no later than 4:00 PM, July 15, 2015.

6. Review and Selection Process

We will have proposals evaluated for scientific merit by our Internal Advisory Board.  As in the past for internal review mechanisms like this, we will not be providing detailed critiques of proposals that are not recommended for funding.

7. Additional Information

If you have questions about this RFA, please, e-mail or call Dr. Michael Boska (mboska@unmc.edu or 559-3138) or Tatiana Bronich (tbronich@unmc.edu or 559-9351).  

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