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This COBRE has been funded to create the Nebraska Center for Nanomedicine (NCN), a Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE).

Nanomedicine is a rapidly developing area of biomedical research that uses devices of nanoscale size to address urgent needs for improved drug and gene delivery. Such “next generation” therapies can specifically deliver drugs and recombinant DNAs to focal areas of disease or to tumors to maximize clinical benefit while limiting untoward side effects. Such nanotechnologies are expected to drastically improve early diagnosis through bioimaging techniques. This parallels the road map for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) where nanomedicine was identified as a development initiative for the next decade. In keeping with these ideas, the Center will serve to join already strong areas of biomedical and material science research into an even stronger unit. Such goals can now be realized with the established expertise in biomedical sciences (neuroscience, pathology, immunology, pharmacology, immunization and cancer biology) and those in the material sciences (nanomaterials, polymers, drug delivery, and gene delivery) within the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC).


The primary goal of this COBRE is to provide a foundation for synergistic research activities and translating the efforts into clinical benefit for diseases with limited treatment options while simultaneously developing a potentially “visionary” area of science where the State of Nebraska can emerge as a world-leader.


Year One Projects 




Project 2:  “A Nanosyme Antioxidant Therapy for the Treatment of Angiotensin II-dependent Hypertension”
Project Leader:  Dr. Matthew Zimmerman, Mentor:  Dr. Irving Zucker

Project 3:  “Anti-viral peptide nanocomplexes (APN) for treatment of HIV/HCV co-infection”
Project Leader:  Larisa Poluektova Mentor:  Dr. Howard Gendelman

Project 4:  “Targeted nanocarrier for siRNA Delivery to Tumor Vasculature”
Project Leader:  Dr. Joseph Vetro, Mentor:  Dr. Alexander Kabanov

Project 5: “Development of Cleavable Polymer Micelles for Enhanced Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy”
Project Leader:  Jered Garrison

Seed Project 1: "Efficacy of Superoxide Dismutase Polymer Conjugates for the Treatment of Oxidative Damage Induced by Traumatic Brain Injury"
Project Leader:  Matthew Kelso

Seed Project 2: Project Leaders: Dong Wang, Karen Gould

Seed Project 3: 

Seed Project 4:  




Year Two Projects  


Project 1:  “Nanofurmulations of Redox Enzymes for Treatment of Ischemic Stroke”
Project Leader:  Dr. Elena Batrakova, Mentor:  Dr. Howard Gendelman