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Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery Symposium (NanoDDS) 

The field of nanomedicine has seen an exponential growth in the level of activity, investment, and development in recent years as evidenced by the creation of new companies, the launch of new scientific journals such as Nature Nanotechnology, Nano Letters, and Nanomedicine-UK, the establishment of new programs and departments in universities and government research institutions, as well as an extraordinary increase in the number of nanomedicine-focused publications. Developments in nanomedicine have already achieved true improvements in human health with the great promise of even more to come. Drugs relying on delivery or formulation in nanotechnologies such as Doxil® have been approved for human use while others like NK911, NK105, and SP1049C have entered clinical trial development. Imaging agents for disease detection, characterization and staging such as Fenestra have also reached the late stages of pre-clinical development. While nanomedicine now features prominently in many scientific meetings, conferences and symposia, the NanoDDS meeting series remains unique among them.

NanoDDS, now entering its twelfth year, began in 2003 as a US-Japan mini-symposium organized by Dr. Alexander Kabanov and Dr. Kazunori Kataoka. According to Dr. Ruth Duncan it was the first scientific meeting of its kind. NanoDDS has since established itself as an internationally-recognized, medium-sized and focused symposium highlighting new discoveries and developments in the field of nanomedicine while also serving as a forum to discuss the issues of pre-clinical and clinical development of nanomedicines. The intimate format of NanoDDS sets it apart from all other meetings of its kind, providing an excellent environment for interaction, networking, discussion, creativity and innovation between trainees (graduate students and post- doctoral fellows) and some of the world's leading academic scientists and industry specialists. These interdisciplinary interactions should aid in fostering new, fruitful collaborations, leap-step advances, and ground-breaking discoveries.

Symposium Locations 

Each year NanoDDS is hosted by a different institution.  Please visit the symposium website  www.nanodds.org  for additional information.

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